5 reasons why the new BMW 5 Series Saloon is a perfect business car

A business car needs to serve several purposes, and many options fall short on at least some. With the BMW 5 Series Saloon, the luxury car is able to satisfy all the major necessities for a business car. As is the case with all BMW cars, it also exceeds expectations in quality, luxury, and driving dynamics.

Kearys BMW has a nice selection of BMW 5 Series Saloon models for you to see in person. Our professional staff would be glad to demonstrate features and answer questions you might have.


Finding where your next appointment is located might be a hassle in some cars, but not with the BMW 5 Series Saloon. It comes with an advanced navigation system that’s simple to use.

Thanks to voice control, you only need to speak and directions are given on command. Also, you can enjoy a choice of map views and modes, so your experience is completely customized. Unlike some navigation systems, this one starts up quickly and processes commands rapidly.


BMW Connected also makes the BMW 5 Series Saloon perfect as a business car. We are accustomed to having information at our command, no matter where we are. With BMW Connected, you can manage your mobility, even away from the car.

Use this unique service to get a customized recommendation for when you should depart for a certain destination. It helps you avoid delays and arrive on time. Remove 3D View provides an image of the surroundings where your vehicle is parked, even if you’re not anywhere near it.


As you use your car for business, you’ll need to park in a variety of spots. Sometimes this can be a challenge, especially if you’re rushed to make an appointment on time.

Park distance control for the BMW 5 Series Saloon provides the perfect solution. It provides both visual and acoustic warnings if the car nears obstacles, either in front or behind. There’s also an automatic park distance control feature that turns on when the car drives toward another vehicle at under 3 km/h.


Managing multimedia in the BMW 5 Series Saloon doesn’t become a chore, thanks to the 10.25-inch Control Display. The full-colour touchscreen works with the iDrive Controller for flexibility in how you provide inputs to the system.

All menus have been optimised for touch inputs, so you don’t have to keep tapping the screen repeatedly to make a single selection. Menu icons are crisp and clear, so identifying options while you’re driving takes little effort.

If you so choose to use the iDrive controller, there’s an advantage there. Tactile feedback allows you to navigate through menus intuitively, something many drivers greatly prefer.

Adaptive Control

Instead of having to adapt your driving style to the car, the BMW 5 Series Saloon has a Driving Experience Control that can adapt to you. Adaptive Mode reads the current driving inputs to change steering, Dynamic Damper Control, and the Steptronic transmission settings to accommodate the situation.

If you prefer, you may select the Comfort, Eco Pro, or Sport mode. Each one comes with its own setup, so you can concentrate on more important things as you travel between appointments.

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