What is BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant?

Select 2019 BMW models are about to receive a personality with introduction of new sophisticated in-car BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant -- a new proprietary in-car AI assistant that will enhance the BMW driving experience.   The always on-call technology platform is an intelligent, digital character that responds to the prompt “Hey BMW” and has the ability to respond to the driver in a number of different ways from controlling vehicle settings, inputting a destination into the navigation system and or requesting changes to entertainment system all the way to explaining vehicle functions and even conducting a conversation. 

The Intelligent Personal Assistant will debut in the 2019 model and mark the start of a new era for BMW in which drivers will increasingly be able to operate their cars and access its functions and information through voice control.

The Intelligent Personal Assistant learns the routines and habits of drivers so that it can apply them in the appropriate context. It learns the drivers’ preferences and can adjust to those preferences based on voice command.  Some examples include seat heating preferences or frequently called-upon destinations. One unique feature compared to other digital assistants of this type is that drivers can select a name of their choosing for the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, such as Aiden or Siobhan.

Whereas the current version can memorize preferred settings, ongoing improvements will enable it to learn more and more preferences and favorite settings. The assistant will improve with every command given, every question asked and every setting made. Forming the basis for all of this will be the portable, digital customer profile – the BMW ID – which links the car to the customer.

With a link-up with BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud and the implementation of artificial intelligence, the personal assistant’s capabilities will be enhanced over time. Regular updates will continue to expand the range of functions available which will continue to enhance the BMW driving experience.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will be available to the driver outside their vehicle too, whether it’s at home with the help of a smart speaker or while out of the vehicle via a smartphone. What's more, it will be compatible with other digital voice assistants, thereby providing a link to other rapidly growing connectivity platforms.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can also provide information on the car, ranging from questions about how systems operate or the condition of the vehicle, to even assisting the driver. For instance, “Hey Aiden, I feel tired” triggers a program that adjusts the lighting, music and interior temperature, among other things, in order to make the driver feel more awake. In the future, the assistant will also be able to give fuel-saving driving tips or think ahead and warn drivers as necessary. It could alert the driver to problems and even remind the driver of service appointments and then arrange an appointment with a BMW service centre.

The Intelligent Personal Assistant will become available in a basic version in in March 2019 in Ireland and the UK. The personal assistant will be offered for models featuring the new BMW iDrive 7.0 and as part of the Live Cockpit Professional.

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