The all new BMW 5 Series Saloon interior features

One of the popular options at Kearys Motor Group - BMW, the BMW 5 Series Saloon, has plenty of features drivers and passengers want. While you can talk about the legendary performance and attractive exterior styling of this business saloon, just as compelling are the interior features.

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Naturally, you expect a BMW to put luxury and comfort at the forefront of the interior design. You will not be disappointed by the BMW 5 Series Saloon, which feels absolutely amazing to sit inside. Everywhere you touch are top-quality materials assembled with expert craftsmanship. BMW also offers a range of trim finishes and colour combinations, so you create the perfect ambiance.

Each seat has been designed to offer superior support. With a range of adjustment options, you can easily find the right position for your preferences. Supple Dakota or Nappa leather adds a nice touch and emphasizes the luxurious nature of this car. Soft padding allows you to stay comfortable during longer drives, so you emerge from the saloon feeling refreshed.

Thanks to excellent insulation, the BMW 5 Series Saloon interior remains a quiet place, even at higher speeds. Instead of being overwhelmed by the sounds of the road or wind, you’ll enjoy hearing music or conversing with passengers in serenity.


Another area where BMW shines is technologies, and the BMW 5 Series Saloon is no exception. You’ll find this business saloon will keep you connected and informed, no matter where you travel.

One of the featured technologies, BMW ConnectedDrive helps with your mobile needs every day. It does everything from provide recommendations on the ideal departure time to reach a specific destination to managing your car remotely, no matter where you may be. You can even use the Remote 3D View feature to see the surroundings of where your BMW is parked.


One of the greatest assets the BMW 5 Series Saloon provides are numerous conveniences. Life moves at a fast pace, so having a car that will help you keep up is invaluable. These features flex to your needs on a daily basis.

You can now enjoy the added convenience of Gesture Control in the BMW 5 Series Saloon. The latest version of this groundbreaking technology allows you to control key functions without touching anything in the car. Instead, you make movements that a camera reads and that’s it.

An available Head-Up Display shows pertinent information on the car’s windscreen, where you’re looking while driving. Thanks to a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels, plus a projection area that’s about 70 percent larger than before, you can clearly see items like navigation directions quite clearly.

Parking Assistant Plus equips the saloon with a surround view camera system. With the additional perspective this technology provides, manoeuvring into any area involves less risk. See other cars, people, animals, and other obstacles clearly, instead of guessing that you’re clear to proceed. The system also offers automated parking for parallel, perpendicular, or angled spaces.

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