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New BMW M5At Kearys BMW we have an extensive selection of quality BMW cars, but there’s one everyone seems to be interested in lately. The BMW M5 Competition takes the Saloon car to new heights in performance and styling, understandably making it highly desirable today.

The biggest question is when the BMW M5 Competition will be released? We have the detailed answers, so you have a chance to drive this truly amazing machine.

Excellent Pedigree

Most BMW fans know that the BMW M5 started the high performance super Saloon genre. Before it came along, you might have been able to find a sporty Saloon, but that was about it. That tradition of shaking things up has continued since.

The new BMW M5 Competition is based on the sixth generation of the M5 Saloon. That car was revealed in 2017, amazing people with the way that the German automaker once again pushed past performance and styling boundaries.

That means this new Saloon has a solid foundation. But, BMW went further with performance, making the BMW M5 Competition even more exciting and capable.

Solid Engineering

You’ll find that quite a bit is different about the BMW M5 Competition versus other versions of the Saloon. Exterior and interior styling changes, improved aerodynamics, and an increase in power make the car more engaging than ever.

Under the bonnet is an uprated 4.4-litre V-8 engine. It makes full use of the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology, which pushes both efficiency and power. As a result, the maximum 750 Nm of torque is available over a wider rev range than with the BMW M5 Saloon. The engine also sees a 25-horsepower increase, bringing the total to 625 horsepower.

All that extra power isn’t just for show. Thanks to the engine upgrades, the BMW M5 Competition can go 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.3 seconds. It will hit 124 mph in 10.8 seconds, which is 0.3 seconds faster than the BMW M5 Saloon. That means it’s the fastest incarnation of the super Saloon ever made.

With all that power, some might expect the BMW M5 Competition to handle sloppily. Thanks to the newly developed M xDrive all-wheel-drive system that surely isn’t the case. An Active M differential works with a central M-specific dynamics control system for the vehicle. Its design means the front wheels receive power once the rear wheels have reached their limit for grip. That keeps the ride quality sporty, and ensures the car stays on the course you set.

Release Info

The good news is you don’t have to wait to buy the BMW M5 Competition. It’s on sale now, so come place an order today. The price has been set at £96,205 OTR.

BMW will be delivering customer orders in September of this year. That means you won’t need to wait an excessive period of time to get behind the wheel of your performance Saloon.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Kearys BMW to order your BMW M5 Competition today.

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