How to Spring Clean Your BMW

Your BMW gets incredibly dirty during the long winter. Just consider all the dirt and debris it encounters on roads, plus what you track in on your shoes. The interior can start to smell stale, among several other issues. To help you spring clean your BMW, we’ve created this general guide.

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Wash the Exterior

After enduring snow and harsh weather in general, the exterior of your BMW needs special care. Start by washing it thoroughly, removing any dirt and other buildup from the paint. This will help restore the natural colour, automatically making your BMW look better.

When washing your car, don’t neglect the wheel wells and the underside. These areas are subject to corrosion if you skip them.

Start with the top of your BMW and work your way to the bottom. This keeps the dirt flowing toward the ground, which is where it belongs.

Dry the exterior with cloths that won’t leave behind any debris. Then, apply a coat of wax, adding a shine to the exterior and guarding the paint against damage.

Clean the Interior

You need to refresh the interior of your car. To start, remove all garbage from it, which can generate unpleasant odors. Don’t forget to check the door pockets and other compartments throughout the car, where garbage could be hiding.

Since it’s spring, you can also remove winter-related gear like an ice scraper. Any items left in the car need to be stowed where they won’t become deadly projectiles in a crash, so choose secure spots like the glovebox.

Once everything is organized, you’re ready to vacuum the floors and seats. Considering how tight some areas are, you’ll need a vacuum that can get into the small spots. Spray a mild cleaner on the hard surfaces and use a cloth to wipe it off, removing dust and other buildup. Apply a glass cleaner to a fresh cloth, using it to remove streaks from the windows.

Check Other Items

Spring cleaning for your BMW involves more than just washing and vacuuming, even though those are important items. You need to address key areas of the car, so you avoid problems in the summer.

To start, check the wiper blades. If the rubber appears to be in good condition, you need to clean it with a soft cloth. This will remove dirt and other buildup, boosting performance. Of course, if the wiper blades are worn out, this is the time to replace them.

Inspect the tyres, which are one of the commonly neglected items on cars. Worn tyres negatively impact handling, fuel efficiency, braking, and even acceleration. If you see the wear bars exposed, which run across the tread, it’s time to replace the tyres. Check the air pressure as well, refiling the tyres if necessary.

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