Discover the 2018 BMW 3 Series

When BMW decided to separate off the coupe and convertible versions of the 3 Series a few years ago under the 4 Series banner, it appeared to be a sensible move to simplify the model range. And that move looks even more foresighted now as the BMW 3 Series has grown to the point where there are effectively four different versions today, even without the coupes and convertibles. So, let's take a look at the 2018 BMW 3 Series.

3 Series saloon

The saloon is what most people will think of first when it comes to the 3 Series, and it's still very much the benchmark in the compact executive segment of the market. Starting from €35,810, which at the time of writing included a generous discount from the manufacturer, there's plenty of choice within this section of the current 3 Series. Things kick off with the 318i SE, which comes with a 136 PS four-cylinder petrol engine that can be had with the standard manual or an optional automatic gearbox. This powertrain also features in the next model in the family, the 318i Sport.

After the 318 there are the 320i models with a more powerful engine producing 184 PS, and this is where the xDrive all-wheel drive system becomes available. And if you really do have a thirst for power, from the 320i you can move on up to the 330i and 340i models with 252 PS and 323 PS, respectively.

Those who still want a diesel, and there are plenty out there who do, can start with a 316d SE, and from there the range goes to 318d, 320d, 330d and 335d models.

3 Series iPerformance

Although the iPerformance range looks just like the 3 Series saloons we've just been looking at, this is where electrification enters the range because the iPerformance saloons are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). At the moment there's a 330e SE, 330e Sport, 330e M Sport and a 330e M Sport Shadow Edition Saloon. All versions offer an electric-only range of 39 km, a 252 PS power rating, and a combined fuel economy rating of around 2.0 L/100 km.

3 Series Touring

For those who want a little more cargo room in the back of their 3 Series there's also the 3 Series Touring, which is an estate car version of the 3 Series saloon. Buyers are not short-changed on choice of models for wanting the estate version either as there are at least as many variants as there are saloons. Once again, manual and automatic gearboxes are available with petrol and diesel variants, and XDrive can also be specified from the 320i models upwards.

3 Series Gran Turismo

And if you want something practical but with coupe-like styling akin to the 4 Series, how about the 3 Series Gran Turismo? This version offers precise contours and expressively sculptured surfaces, and the light design at the front and back emphasises the sporty credentials and powerful appearance of this stunning version of the 3 Series. Frameless doors let plenty of light inside the car for an even greater sense of spaciousness, and with its versatile cargo space and the split rear bench the Gran Turismo format is the ideal 3 Series for buyers with an active and sporty lifestyle.

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