Benefits of Buying a BMW Approved Used Car

You’re searching for a used car – something reliable, well-equipped, and attractive. Little did you know that buying a used car, especially a luxury car, is a difficult task. Most sellers haven’t performed a thorough inspection and may not understand the premium requirements of a BMW, and that can lead to trouble. For the best experience, possible when buying a used car and to avoid problematic cars and sellers, choose a BMW Approved used car from Kearys Motor Group.

Why Choose a BMW Approved Used Car

When you’re buying a used car, it’s important to find a seller you can trust. Private sellers can fleece you, either selling you a car that isn’t up to par or isn’t certified. You may find yourself in an unsavoury situation with ill-mannered people or pressure tactics.

Used car dealers sell a variety of brands but specialize in none. You could unknowingly be buying a used car that needs maintenance or repairs immediately. You might also be paying more than a fair price for a car.

Buying a BMW Approved used car is a trustworthy transaction. You can rest assured that the car is in tip-top shape and is priced competitively. As well, you can trust that BMW Approved used cars have sellers who stand behind the cars they sell, meaning you aren’t alone is a situation arises.

Programme Benefits

You want to know that the car you’re buying is in good shape and that you’ll have the support you need for the future. With BMW Approved used cars from Kearys Motor Group, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The BMW Approved used car programme offers benefits that are second to none.

  • 2 Year Unlimited Mileage BMW Warranty. Every BMW Approved used car receives a minimum 2-year BMW warranty to protect against any repairs and breakdowns. Only routine repairs and maintenance are the owner’s responsibility, making a BMW used car an easy choice. 
  • NCT Guarantee. If an NCT inspection is due within 6 months of your purchase, the BMW Approved Used Cars programme will cover you from related expenses for inspection and potential repairs.
  • Full-Service History. Only cars that have been maintained in strict accordance with the schedule are considered for the BMW Approved Used Cars programme. It ensures your used BMW won’t have maintenance-related concerns.
  • Vehicle History and Mileage Check. A certificate is supplied to prove each BMW Approved used car’s vehicle history, providing a clear picture of the car’s past.
  • 2 Year BMW Emergency Service Cover. Should you encounter an issue in the first two years, you’re covered with BMW Emergency Service Cover. You’ll receive prompt emergency roadside response and other benefits to boot.
  • 360-Degree Optical and Technical Check. No used car receives BMW Approved certification without a complete top-to-bottom inspection. Both cosmetic and mechanically, your BMW Approved used car is in peak form.
  • Flexible Finance Options. Because every buyer’s needs are different, financing options are flexible. BMW Financial Services offers competitive rates and terms, as well as protection products, to serve virtually any customer’s need.
  • The BMW Ownership Package. With a BMW Approved used car, you are part of the BMW family. Experience BMW Fast Lane Service, competitive menu pricing for maintenance and repairs, and a host of BMW accessories and lifestyle products to compliment your used car.

In Cork, your BMW Approved Used Car dealership is Kearys BMW. With a fantastic selection of BMW Approved used cars, you’re sure to find the right match for your needs.