All-new BMW X5 technology features

Buyers are increasingly demanding these days, especially when it comes to luxury vehicles such as the all-new BMW X5. It simply isn’t acceptable today to reserve a lot of the very latest and most advanced technology for the most expensive models in a range either. The latest X5 is positively bristling with standard and available technology features, so here's a look at some of the high-tech items you can find in this latest version of the full-size BMW SUV.


Safety covers a wide range of features and equipment you can find in modern vehicles, especially ones as tech-savvy as BMW SUVs. Even things as commonplace and everyday as air bags are a form of technology, but we're going to concentrate on real cutting-edge stuff here. The headline safety tech in the new X5 has been bundled into the updated Driving Assistant package, which can also be further upgraded to the even more advanced Driving Assistant Plus package.

The package is a range of camera-based driver-assistance systems designed to enhance safety and mitigate the risk of potential collisions. The various features are designed to work at both slow and high speeds, and include the likes of Land Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning and City Collision Mitigation.

Going for the more advanced Driving Assistant Plus then add features such as Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go, which maintains a pre-determined distance from the vehicle ahead and can even bring the X5 to a complete stop and start again when the traffic starts to move again. Traffic Jam Assistant is also included, and this assumes control of the BMW's steering and automatically moves the vehicle forward in traffic to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.


Technologically advanced safety features are great and we'll all be delighted we have them when they stop us having an accident, but its connectivity and other cool tech is what really gets us excited about the all-new BMW X5.

BMW's latest iDrive 7 infotainment system is at the heart of most of the really exciting technology in the new X5. The squarish cards of the previous version of the system have now been replaced by a customizable layout which supports two to four individual "widgets." Like a number of other high-end infotainment systems around. BMW has thankfully decided to cut down the number of taps it takes to navigate to the majority of the most used features, and by putting more items at the top level of the menus drivers will now spend less time with their eyes away from the road.

The system also offers Real Time Traffic Information, which is updated every 3 minutes to keep the driver informed about the situation ahead so they can choose whether to take another route or not. The system is also available with a full web-browsing facility now too, where content is shown in the Control Display and the iDrive acts as a computer mouse.

We're just scratching the surface here though, and the new X5 also offers features as advanced as USB-C ports, remote unlocking of the X5 with an Android phone, a camera that monitors the driver to ensure they're paying attention/not tired, etc.

For more details about the all-new BMW X5 and to arrange a test drive to experience the latest technology for yourself, get in touch with us today here at your local Cork BMW dealer Kearys Motor Group-BMW.