2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon Review

If you know anything about cars you'll know at least something about the BMW 3 Series Saloon. It's been the leader in the compact executive saloon car class for more than four decades now, so BMW has a job on its hands keeping it in its preeminent position as complacency could easily set in. Not with the manufacturer though, but with buyers who are now so used to it they see it as part of the automotive establishment, and could assume they know all about it so they don’t bother to look any closer. That would be a shame though, as BMW continually works to keep the 3 Series as the best car in its class, so let's see what the 2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon is like today.


To be fair, there are no real surprises with the way the current BMW 3 Series Saloon looks. It never went quite as angular or as radical as the 5 Series did a few years ago, so it's still sleek, sporty and positively premium-looking from every angle. The car's sharp exterior was updated only quite recently, so the grille and headlights are now a little bigger than they were and the back end is quite a bit more distinctive than it used to be. The exterior of the 3 Series, therefore, has an elegant and classic look, and it's one we don’t see getting old anytime soon.

How it drives

BMW has an enviable reputation for making cars that are fun-to-drive and this latest 3 Series is certainly no exception. The superb amount of grip available and the car's direct steering means it's easy to keep control of the vehicle all the time, and the famed rear-wheel drive format gives it an outstanding feeling of agility and security on the road. Every version of the 3 Series gets ESP to keep you on the straight and narrow if anything should go awry in bad conditions. There's also a system called Drive Performance Control that gives the driver four different modes to choose from, which are EcoPro, Comfort, Sport and Sport+, and it's easy to tell what each one does.


If you are serious about buying a BMW 3 Series, and you probably should be if you're looking for a compact executive saloon, you will have to do some reading up to decide which version to go for. It's not an exaggeration to say an entire book could be written about the various different 3 Series models you have to choose from today, and that's even with the coupe and convertible body styles having already been separated out and renamed as the 4 Series. Plenty of choices is obviously better than very little, but the saying "less is more" is something BMW might want to look into when coming up with the next generation of the 3 Series.


Unless you need something bigger, it's hard to see how any manufacturer could offer and deliver more than BMW does with the 2017 3 Series. There really is something in there for everyone, from affordable to very premium and from sensible and efficient to fast and aggressively sporty. The message is therefore pretty simple; if you’re in the market for a compact executive luxury saloon, you don’t have to look beyond the 3 Series.

You can find the 2017 BMW 3 Series Saloon right now at Kearys BMW, so get in touch today for more information and to arrange a test drive in a compact executive saloon that sets the standard for everyone else to aspire to.